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Best Idea Ever:
The Time Capsule

Education World's Best Idea Ever feature highlights a favorite teacher-tested idea designed to help you teach a lesson, manage a classroom, communicate with parents, impress colleagues and administrators—and amaze them all with your energy and creativity!

During the first few days and weeks of school, most teachers spend a great deal of time trying to get to know their students. For retired sixth-grade teacher Rosalie Roy, a favorite getting-to-know-you activity is the time capsule. "First, we shared our ideas about what sixth grade was supposed to be like, what we wanted to learn, and what our goals for the year were," Roy told Education World, "and then students wrote down their ideas." Roy placed the completed student essays in an empty potato chip can and filed it away. On the last day of school, the can was opened, students read their original expectations, and talked about whether their goals had been achieved. At the end of the discussion, students put their essays inside their report cards and brought them home to share with their families.

Submitted by: Rosalie Roy, Gilroy, California


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