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Best Bets for Teacher Summer Jobs

The old saying goes, “The three best reasons to be a teacher are June, July and August.” But there are many teachers who would rather spend those months being productive. For them, finding a job is the key to a truly great summer.

The problem most teachers face with regards to summer work is the inflated market. Many of their students are likewise looking for a job, as well as college students returning home and those who have been otherwise unemployed for some time. All of these make for a very large pool of job candidates.

Although teachers may be outnumbered in their quest for a summer job, they have an advantage in expertise. Sure, the kids will get the cashiers’ jobs and happily flip burgers all summer. Teachers can parlay their degree and experience into more desirable jobs.

Keeping all of this in mind, EducationWorld presents a list of recommendations for teachers seeking summer jobs.


This is the most obvious one, but it’s obvious for a reason. You already are familiar with the material and the techniques, so why not put your skills to use in the more comfortable setting of your living room?


This is especially good for elementary school teachers. There are many independent daycare facilities that welcome teachers because of the credibility they bring to the center’s educational curriculum.


Everyone is aware of the unemployment problem in America. Use that, plus your formidable writing skills, to your advantage. You’ll have to do some advertising, but you’ll be surprised just how many people don’t know how to write a proper resume.


Many libraries have summer programs for kids on school vacation, and who would be better suited to run these programs than a teacher?


Teachers don’t always have to look for summer jobs that utilize their educational skills. Try taking something you enjoy in your spare time and going after a job in the field. Greenhouse work or landscaping are good examples. If you are really into flowers or yard design, check out the local florist or landscaper. The fact that you are a professional and presumably have experience at the hobby level should put you at the top of any hire list. The same can be said for youth coaches, lifeguards and state park workers. The best thing about these jobs is that they peak in the summer.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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