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Behavior Management Tips: Self Management and More


Encourge self awareness with these tips for promoting positive behavior in the classroom.


Hot or Cold Behavior?

Help students self monitor their noise level with a noise thermometer. Display on a classroom bulletin board a three-foot thermometer with red Velcro representing the mercury. Number the thermometer in increments from zero (no noise) to ten (extreme noise). Each morning, set the thermometer at zero. As the noise level increases, raise the thermometer to the level that matches the noise level. If the noise level hits five, take two minutes off recess; if it goes even higher, take away more time. You'll find that the noise level decreases rapidly as the possibility of a shorter recess rises!


Keep the Page Blank!

Want More?

Looking for more information about behavior management for older students? Read Responsibility Training plus Omission Training: Win-Win for Severe Behavior Problems by Fred Jones.

Do you have a behavior management tip to share? Send it to [email protected].

Keep track of student behavior with a 3-ring notebook. Place in the notebook one blank sheet of paper for each student. Show students their blank page and challenge them to keep it blank. When a student breaks a class rule, that student goes to the behavior notebook and writes a brief account of what happened. The teacher then signs and dates the student's account and the page is sent home with the report card at the end of the marking period. If a student has a blank page all year, send home the original blank page with a note of praise for good behavior all year long.


Just Can't Help It!

Discourage inappropriate behavior among older students with this simple strategy: Fill out an office referral and leave the name blank. Tape it to the wall and tell students that anyone who cannot help misbehaving should come forward, put his or her name on the referral, and take it to the principal.

Article by Linda Starr
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