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Behavior Management Tips: Accountability and More


Help students stay on task and encourage good behavior withe these tips for coupons, hall passes, and grading.


I've Got Coupons!

Award a homework coupon to each student who brings in his or her homework on time. When a student accumulates 10 coupons, exchange them for a selected homework assignment.


Destination Hall Pass

Use a small dry erase board as a hall pass. Write the student's destination on it with a dry erase marker and sign your name. Because the marker stays in the classroom, students can go only where they have permission to go.


Grading For Responsibility

Want More?

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by Fred Jones.

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Hold students accountable for their own behavior -- give them a responsibility grade. Every Monday, start each student with a 100. Let them know they'll lose points (20 points per category) for such behaviors as being disrespectful, coming to class unprepared, not handing in their homework, and so on. Make the responsibility grade 10 - 20 percent of their class grade.

Article by Linda Starr
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