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Behavior Management Tips: Humor, Grading, and More


Use humor to reinforce positive classroom behavior with these tips for a penalty box and teacher report cards. Also discourage tardiness using "the late book."



What's So Funny?

A little humor can go a long way. Place a "penalty box" in the classroom and fill the box with students' silly suggestions for "punishing" inappropriate behavior. Suggestions might include singing a song, kissing the chalkboard, standing in the corner, and so on.


My Teacher Gets an A!

Want More?

Looking for more information about tardiness? Read Johnny Come Lately - Again, by Dr. Ken Shore.

Do you have a behavior management tip to share? Send it to [email protected].

Offer students a chance to "grade" you. Twice a year, ask students to complete a "report card" in which they evaluate your teaching style and strategies, your handling of student issues, and your attitude in class. Elicit suggestions from them on how you can do better too.


The Late Book

Cut down on tardiness among older students by keeping late sign-in book by the door. Have students who are not in class when the bell rings sign the late book, supplying their names and a reason for their tardiness. If they have a pass, they place it in the book. The book reduces class disruptions and also provides a record that can be used during parent conferences.

Article by Linda Starr
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