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Behavior Management Tips: Motivation


Motivate students to complete their homework and to arrive at school on time consistently with these motivational techniques.


Can You Spell Homework?
A simple group motivation technique can be helpful in encouraging students to complete their homework. Every day all students in the class complete their homework assignments, write one letter of the word homework on the chalkboard. When the word is complete, treat the entire class to a special reward.

Want More?

Looking for more advice on handling tardiness? See Johnny Come Late -- Again! By Dr. Ken Shore.

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Get Them to School on Time
Discourage tardiness by posting a "do-now!" activity on the board or a sheet of chart paper at the start of the class period. Collect the assignment 5 minutes after attendance is taken. If a student comes in late and can't complete the "do-now!" activity, he or she doesn't get credit for it. (You might use the collected papers as a means for recording attendance.)

Make Attendance Count
If you prefer to take attendance individually, make it meaningful. Instead of calling out students' names and waiting for them to say "Here," ask each student a quick question related to the previous day's work.

Article by Linda Starr
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