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Behavior Management Tips: Self Management Skills


Help students to develop self management skills with these tips for staying focused and positive classroom management.


Project the morning's brainteaser or bell ringer activity onto the chalkboard with an overhead projector. That spotlight in the dimly lit room helps focus students' attention on the work and on day ahead.

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Who's Watching?
When leaving the classroom as a group, tell students you will be watching the behavior of two students, but don't say who they are. If the two you are watching behave, reward the entire class after returning to the room.

Pasta Discipline
When students are all working well on a task, together or independently, grab a handful of macaroni and dump it into a jar. When the jar is full, students have earned an agreed-upon reward. Possible rewards might include a free activity time, a night without homework, or an ice-cream treat.

Article by Linda Starr
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