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Content:  A resource for parents, offers a kit for adults to talk with kids about the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Many of the topics addressed on are not appropriate for most classroom settings, but the site is an excellent resource to which teachers can refer parents when they have questions about how to talk to youth about substance use.

Design: has a very simple design that makes it very easy to use. Essentially, you only have to click on one very clearly marked button in order to go to the “Parent Talk Kit,” which also has a clear and easy design with simple tabs and links that highlight areas including “How to Teach Kids to Turn Down Drugs” and how to answer your kids when they ask you if you’ve ever tried drugs.

Review: operates on the philosophy that while it's important to talk with your kids about drugs and alcohol, many parents do not know how to approach the topic. The site does a masterful job at giving simple strategies to have those important discussions. has tools that actually make it easier for parents to address these sensitive issues. The site also anticipates what the problem areas are going to be and gives parents strategies to deal with these issues.

Bottom Line: While addressing substance use in the classroom can be a political minefield, referring parents to lets them speak with their kids on their own terms. If they choose to use the site's techniques they can have an open and honest discussion with their child about drugs and alcohol using techniques that actually impact a kid's behavior. There are, of course, always going to be hard-to-reach parents who refuse to address these topics or who think that simply forbidding their child to experiment will keep them safe. But, for those looking for responsible ways to discuss this issue with their kids, can really help.