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Site Review: New York Times Science


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Content:  This site offers timely news from the world of science, combined with interactive features and commentary.

Design:  The science area of the New York Times site looks and works exactly like the main site. The design aims to make users feel as if they’re reading the Times’ print edition, complete with stark white backgrounds and its famous font. It’s pretty simple, but it works.

The layout is standard, with a column of articles running down the left side of the screen and the more interactive elements occupying the right. A handy “what’s popular” box appears just below the fold on the right, letting visitors know what others are reading about in terms of science topics.

Review: With New York Times content, you know you’re getting quality reporting. Those who worry about encountering stuffy, post-grad, academic stuff can rest assured that the articles are easy, fun reads on topics appropriate for both primary and secondary classrooms.

Teachers at all grade levels can use articles such as “Earliest Signs of Advanced Tools Found,” without having to be Yale anthropologists in order to follow them. Similarly, for classrooms with projector capabilities, an interactive map of lower Manhattan can really bring to life the area’s changes over the last 10 years.

Bottom Line: Solid reporting and an easy-to-follow design make the New York Times Science page a must-see for science teachers at all grade levels.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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