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Content:  CNet is a technology site that specializes in product reviews and breaking news from the tech world.

Design:  Clean is not a word that comes to mind when describing CNet. There are graphics everywhere, and a pop-up toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen when new users visit. That said, everything is laid out in a logical manner.

The main scroller is prominent and cycles through the top five stories of the day. A headlines area appears just to the right of that with links to more breaking news. Scrolling down, users get an archive of the most recent articles.

Review: CNet is one of the best sites availabe for tech news and reviews. From the site's orginally produced programs to their crack staff of reporters covering every angle of the tech industry, users are left wanting nothing after a single visit.

With that in mind, CNet is a wonderful resource. Their product reviews are unbiased and brutally honest. The site can be counted on to break the latest tech news as fast, if not faster, than any of the “major” news sites.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re looking for a product review, or are just curious about the world of technology, CNet is a site worth visiting.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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