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Site Review: PuzzleMaker


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Content:  PuzzleMaker, part of the Discovery Channel's education Web site, offers teachers, parents and students a very simple tool to build their own puzzles. This free tool allows for the creation of a variety of different types of puzzles, including word searches, mazes, math squares and cryptograms. The PuzzleMaker site is a stripped-down version of the PuzzleMaker software which you can buy on the site. The software adds features like tying in a dictionary and adding clip-art images.

Design:  The site has a very elegant design that makes it clear how everything works. There's not much to the site, but with one only major function of building puzzles, there's not much need for fancy graphics.

Review:PuzzleMaker has an incredibly easy-to-use interface. The user simply has to fill in the fields and add the content for the puzzle, and the site does the rest. While a little kid could build a puzzle on the site, adults also can generate more challenging or complicated puzzles.

Bottom Line:  PuzzleMaker does exactly what it promises to do. It lets anyone easily build a variety of puzzle types.

Article by Daniel B. Kline, Education World Contributing Editor
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