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Math Subject Center 7

Sports and Hobby Math
Melissa Thomas, who teaches at Dacula (Georgia) Middle School, submitted this lesson, in which students write about ways in which they use math in a favorite sport or hobby. (Grades 3-12)

Cold Mush: Serving Stories from the Iditarod Trail
Jeffrey M. Peterson of Minnesota, this year's Teacher on the Trail, is eager to experience the Iditarod and to share his observations and lessons with students around the world.

Number Line Game
Sr. Ann Claire Rhoads, who teaches at Mother Seton Academy in Baltimore, Maryland, submitted this week's lesson, which offers a game that reinforces number line concepts and the addition of positive and negative numbers. (Grades 3-8)

Jump Rope Math
Laurie McGrath, who teaches at Holy Trinity Elementary School in St.John's, Newfoundland, submitted this fun-filled math game that can be used to reinforce math skills across the grades. (Grades PreK-12)

Awesome Summary Notes Make Studying a Breeze
The Awesome Summary Notes system provides students with an easy and efficient method for organizing information and studying for tests. Included: Directions for creating summary notes and tips for using them for studying and review.

Educator Astronaut Program Continues
Undeterred by the tragic loss of the space shuttle Columbia February 1, teachers are continuing to apply for NASA's Educator Astronaut program, which is designed to select and train three to six teachers for future space missions.

Hitting the Math Trail
The National Math Trail program shows teachers how their students can create mathematics problems based on what they see in their community. Students also use computer technology to submit their math problems to the National Math Trail Web site.

Kids Discover the Value of Learning Through Hands-On 'Hammer' Time
When master carpenter Perry Wilson showed his friend's son how to build a tree house, he discovered that he was really teaching the child the value of mathematics. The task brought to mind his own struggles with a learning disability and the failure of his school to help him realize his potential. As a result, Wilson quit his job and established If I Had a Hammer, a program that uses alternative methods, specifically the construction of a small house, to show kids how to put the material they are learning in school to work.

Yummy Gummy Subtraction
Tori Ledlow, who teaches at Pinson (Alabama) Elementary School, submitted this weeks yummy hands-on lesson, in which gummy bears are used to teach simple subtraction. (Grades PreK-2)

Shopping Spree
Julie Graves, who teaches at Centre (Alabama) Middle School, submitted this week's lesson. Students go on a shopping spree that requires them to calculate discount amounts and sales tax on merchandise. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)


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