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Math Subject Center 6

Token Economies Yield Promising Results
When classroom management is a struggle, the answer might be as simple as the traditional American "five and dime!" See how systems based on "token economies" can work with even the toughest classes. Included: Tips for setting up a classroom auction.

Write a Number Story
Make writing across content areas fun with this K-3 computer activity. Students use AppleWorks (or Office) to write and illustrate number stories. The stories then are used to create a Keynote or PowerPoint show and displayed for the class (or parents!) to see and share.

Introducing Calculators
This year, introduce calculators with this K-2 computer activity. Students record how many pets each has, then use the computer's calculator to find the sum of pets by type, for small groups, and for the entire class. A downloadable template makes this activity easy to implement in your classroom.

Lesson Study: Practical Professional Development
For teachers who have wished for hands-on professional development, lesson study is it. Teachers gather to research, create, try, and evaluate lesson plans to determine if they are helping students learn. Included: A description of lesson study practices.

Mad Math Desk Derby
Stephanie Templet, who teaches at Galvez Middle School in Prairieville, Louisiana, submitted this week's lesson in which students review and practice math facts by playing a fun game.

Vampires: Fact Or Fiction?
Polish students' graphing and problem solving skills with this Halloween spreadsheet activity from Microsoft. Using Excel and Internet sources, middle school students determine how many vampires might exist in the world based on current census data.

Slicing Up Fractions
Are your students struggling to understand fractions? Check out this Web-based lesson in which students read a problem involving pieces (fractions!) of pizza, review the concepts necessary to solve the problem, and then solve further equations based on the same concept.

The Prop Box: Setting the Stage for Meaningful Play
Dramatic play is an essential mode of learning for young children, and "prop boxes," play materials grouped by theme, make this activity even more effective. Find out how you can use these educational tools to guide your students toward meaningful role-playing and creative exploration.

I Know My Shapes and Colors
On the news today, a famous senator said, "Shapes are useless. People can't eat shapes. They can't ride in shapes. They can't work or play in shapes." The senator is trying to pass a law to get rid of all the shapes in the world. You and your classmates must prove that shapes are important to keep the law from being passed.

Tasty Tech Activity With Excel
Do your students struggle when entering data into spreadsheets or creating graphs with Excel? Try this simple Excel lesson plan in which elementary and middle school students use their opinions of fast food for data collection and analysis.


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