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Mad Math Desk Derby


  • Arithmetic


  • K-2, 3-5

Brief Description

A fun game for practicing, reinforcing math facts.


  • follow directions for playing this game.
  • have fun while reviewing multiplication facts.


multiplication, facts, game, review, math facts

Materials Needed

  • math fact flashcards (optional)
  • paper and pencil.

The Lesson

Allow students to sit on the tops of their desks. Call out or display a math fact (any operation that students should know), and ask individual students to provide the correct response.

  • If a student gets the fact correct, he or she stays on the desk and in the game.
  • Students who miss the math fact they are shown must sit at their desks and write the missed fact and correct answer ten times.

Students may reenter the game as soon as the writing assignment is completed. The winner of the game is the student who has had to write the fewest facts.


Have students who had to write missed facts during the game turn in their corrections.

Submitted By

Stephanie Templet, Galvez Middle School in Prairieville, Louisiana

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