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Sports and Hobby Math


  • Mathematics
    --Applied Math


  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12

Brief Description

Students write about the role math plays in a favorite sport or hobby.


Students will
  • write about math.
  • think about the role math plays in the things we do (specifically, in a favorite hobby or sport)


writing in math, writing, math, real-life math, sports, hobby, hobbies, integrate, curriculum, interdisciplinary

Materials Needed

  • paper, pencil or pen

The Lesson

This lesson helps answer one of the most common questions asked by math students: "When are we ever gonna' use this?"

Ask students to write on a sheet of paper their favorite hobby or sport.

Then ask students to

list on the paper three ways in which math is related to/involved in that sport or hobby.

Students might say they use fractions, decimals, and so on in their favorite sport or hobby. For each of those terms, students should describe the relationship between the sport or hobby and the math term. For example, if the hobby is sewing, fractions are used to measure the amount of cloth needed; if the sport is baseball, players' batting averages are figured as decimals.

list on the paper two math problems that might come up in the course of the sport or hobby.

For example,
At the 50 yard line, a football team is penalized 10 yards. Where will the team begin the next down? (50 yds. - 10 yds. = 40yd. line)
A recipe for brownies calls for 1-1/4 cups of flour. How much flour is needed to make a double batch of brownies? (1-1/4 cup x 2 = 2-1/2 cups)

write a paragraph about how math is involved in their favorite sport or hobby. The paragraph should include the examples they listed in their math problems.

exchange papers with a classmate and peer edit.

correct errors and rewrite the paragraph in final draft form.

read aloud the final drafts.


The following criteria might be included in a rubric for this activity.

Did students include in their written paragraphs

  • a description of hobby or sport? (1 point)
  • three ways math is involved in the hobby or sport? (3 points)
  • two specific math problems related to the sport or hobby? (2 points)
  • a rough draft with evidence of editing marks? (4 points)
  • a final draft written in paragraph form with complete sentences and correct grammar and punctuation? (20 points).

Submitted By

Melissa Thomas, Dacula (Georgia) Middle School

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