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Yummy Gummy Subtraction

Teacher Lesson


  • Mathematics


  • PreK-2

Brief Description

Use gummy bears to teach your students to subtract.


Students will

  • learn to solve basic subtraction problems (one-digit minus one-digit).


mathematics, math, subtraction, snack, gummy, math, facts

Materials Needed

  • gummy bears
  • chalkboard, chart paper, or dry erase board
  • chalk or markers

Lesson Plan

Provide each student with a small bag of gummy bears with his or her name on it. Explain that the gummy bears are not to be eaten -- yet.

Write a subtraction problem on the board. For example:

- 4

Have students count out 7 gummy bears. Tell them to take away 4 gummy bears and put them back into the bag. How many gummy bears are left?

You might even bring out an overhead projector. Place gummy bears directly on the projector table and do the first problem with your students.

Continue with additional subtraction problems until you feel all students grasp the concept of subtraction...

Present one final subtraction problem: Write a subtraction problem on the board. For example:

- 3

As you see that each student has solved the problem correctly, students may eat the 5 gummy bears that represent to solution to the problem.

The bag of gummy bears can be used again the next day when your review the lesson. You might bring out the bags for future lessons or you might repeat this activity when you have 10 minutes to fill or when students deserve a special treat.


A simple paper and pencil test, with problems similar to those worked in class will be sufficient. Allow them to use the gummy bears to check their work if you wish.

Submitted By

Tori Ledlow, Pinson Elementary, Pinson, Alabama

Originally published 02/20/2003
Last updated 01/05/2009

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