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February holidays

Join us as we celebrate
Groundhog Day
Valentine's Day
Presidents Day
with practical activities, resources, and ideas.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day: (Punxsutawney) Phil your day With fun

On February 2, the world will be watching to see if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow. Will there be six more weeks of winter? Whether Phil's shadow appears or not, fill your day with Phil connections to math, science, geography, and more.

Come to the Groundhog Day party

Celebrate Groundhog Day with a bunch of activities, some Internet exploration, and a variety of groundhog games. Fun for all ages. Included: Two Internet teaching masters.

Internet scavenger hunt: Groundhog Day

Do your students have questions about Groundhog Day? Treat them to an Internet Scavenger Hunt that will lead them to answers.

Great sites for teaching about...Groundhog Day

In recognition of Groundhog Day, we've selected the best of the Web for teaching about Groundhog Day.

Six books to read on Groundhog Day

Here are six books teachers can read to their students on Groundhog Day.

Student Work Sheets



More Resources for Teaching About Groundhog Day


Groundhog Day Songs



Coloring pages
ChildFun Groundhog theme
Groundhog Day quiz



Groundhog coloring pages
Groundhog Day crafts

Valentine's Day

Celebrate Valentine's Day across the curriculum

On Valentine's Day, as on most other in-school holidays, excited students can create a classroom atmosphere that wreaks havoc with the learning process. Don't fight it! Join in the spirit -- with activities that celebrate the day without sacrificing instruction.

Straight from the heart

Valentine's Day means cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts, paper hearts -- and a "hearty" collection of activities for children. These lessons will put you in the loving spirit of the holiday.

The heart of mathematical thinking

This Valentine Hearts Investigation engages students in collecting data, making predictions, and graphing. Included: A student introductory page, student worksheet, and student data chart.

Candy heart stories

Write a story that includes the text of the candy conversation hearts you chose. (Grades 1-8)

Web sites to see: The heart

What better time is there than Valentine's Day to teach your students about how the human heart works? Whether your students are preschoolers or high-schoolers, you're sure to find a site here that will unlock the mysteries of the heart.

Have a heart

An Internet scavenger hunt for students in grades 2-6.

Valentine's Day resources and lesson plans

In this article, Education World offers a list of lesson plans, including the history of Valentine's Day. The article also provides language arts lesson plans. 

Ten books to celebrate Valentine's Day

With this article, educators can find ten books they can use to teach their students about the value of friendship and kindness. 

Seven lesson ideas for Valentine's Day

Teachers can access a number of lesson plans in language arts, mathematics, and more.



More Resources for Teaching About Valentine's Day

Valentine Coloring Pages


Teacher Recipes
(scroll down the page)


Education World's Valentine's Day Clip Art


Valentine Fun for the Family
Valentine's Day Varieties

More Online Games


Presidents Day

Education World

Best Books for Teaching About...
Presidents' Day, Abraham Lincoln, George Washingon, Elections, more...

Reader's Theater Scripts
Ask the Presidents
A Field Trip to Remember

Every-Day Edits

Bulletin Boards That Teach

Coloring Calendars

Month of Fun

Word Search Puzzles

Presidents Day activities

Super lessons for teaching about the presidents of the United States.

Hail to the Chief -- lessons for Presidents Day

Tour the White House, design a presidential monument, more lesson ideas.

Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers

Use a popular childrens book about Abe Lincoln to teach the five parts of a letter. (Grades K-5)

"Meet Our Presidents" bulletin board

Students research and create a "Meet Our Presidents" bulletin board display. (Grades K-12)

How well do you know our presidents?

Students research and create president flip-up fact cards. Another nice bulletin board display. (Grades K-12)

Secrets of the presidents

Learn little-known facts with this printable activity. (Grades 3-8)

Celebrate Abe Lincoln: A primary timeline activity

Students create simple timelines based on the life of Abe Lincoln. Other projects include painting Lincoln portraits. (Grades K-2)

Exploring height with Abe Lincoln

Students determine how they measure up to Abe Lincoln.

Interviewing famous leaders in history

Research a president and create a realistic interview based on that research. (Grades 5-12)

Abraham Lincoln: An Internet buddy activity

In this Internet buddy lesson, younger and older students team up to learn about Abe Lincoln. (Grades K-8)

Hail to the Chief(s): Lessons from presidential libraries

Use online resources from presidential libraries to teach students about U.S. presidents.

U.S. Presidents on the Internet

Biographical, historical, and political resources abound.

Happy Birthday, Abe

Send your classroom sleuths on an Internet Scavenger Hunt for information about the 16th president. Or try another scavenger hunt, Know Your Presidents.

Links to Lincoln on the web

Not surprisingly, there's a wealth of information about Abraham Lincoln on the Web.

George Washington lives -- on the Internet

Students can learn all about him on the Internet -- by George.

"Yo, Millard Fillmore"

Want a fast, fun, and easy way to learn about the U.S. presidents?

Abraham Lincoln's assassination

Details surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Video Roundups: Presidents Day

With this article, teachers have access to a number of videos following the lives of popular U.S. Presidents.


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Presidents' Day Crafts
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