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Hail to the Chief: Lessons for Presidents Day


Lesson PlanningObserved on the third Monday each February, Presidents' Day is a holiday that lends itself to classroom activities and online exploration. As a tribute to all past presidents, Education World invites you and your students to tour the White House or design a presidential monument with these legendary lessons. Included: Five fabulous activities on presidents.


The third Monday of February is Presidents Day, a national holiday in the United States. Once a celebration of George Washington's birthday, the holiday was renamed by President Richard Nixon in 1971 to honor all past presidents of the United States. If you are seeking classroom-ready resources about the presidents and the place they call home -- the White House -- look no further than the Internet. The Web puts the "dub-yuh" in Washington, White House, and George W. Bush!

This week, in recognition of Presidents Day, Education World offers five lessons about the presidents. Click on each of the five lesson headlines below for a complete teaching resource.

Be sure to see our brief list of the best Internet sources for teaching kids about the presidents and the presidency, just below this week's lesson headlines.

Help Wanted: President of the United States
Students research the requirements and responsibilities of the job of president and write help wanted ads for the position. Help Wanted work sheet included.

A Monument, Please, for the Big Cheese
After reading about the presidents online, students select one leader and design a monument that reflects his life and accomplishments.

'They Just Come and Go' -- A Debate About the White House
Put students' natural debating skills to good use as they study issues involving the White House.

Every Day Is Presidents' Day at the White House
Young children will enjoy this introduction to the job of president as they role-play being the president!

Using Primary Sources: Letters from the Presidents
Older students get to know the presidents a little better by reading their actual letters.


Certainly one the finest resources for presidential history is the White House Web site.

For the best presidential pages on the Web, check out the Internet Public Library's POTUS. POTUS is short for Presidents of the United States. This site includes background information about the presidents, election results, cabinet members and links to other good resources. Another valuable resource comes from the Library of Congress. At its site America's Library, students will find the Dynamite Presidents Game.

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