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S P E C I A L   T H E M E     P A G E
August 21, 2000

The Super Substitute!

Look! In the classroom! It's a Math Teacher! It's an English Teacher! No! It's a ...Substitute!

Whether you are a substitute looking for quick lesson plans and ideas for classroom management or an administrator searching for ways to keep good substitutes coming back, Education World has resources for you!

This week:

  • Substitute Survival: Mini Lessons for Unexpected Moments
    Whether you are a substitute teacher whose lessons fall short of filling up the day or a permanent classroom teacher whose days involve lots of little transitional moments, these lessons will work for you!

  • Substitute Survival: Tools You Can Use
    Are you a substitute -- or potential substitute -- wondering whether you'll survive the challenges that lie ahead? Are you an administrator or a classroom teacher wondering how to help a substitute get through the day? If so, the Education World Online Substitute Survival Kit is for you! Included: Songs, games, lesson activities, and templates to help a sub survive even the most difficult experience!

  • Classroom Management: Ten Teacher-Tested Tips!
    Hallway conferences. Pasta discipline. Buddy rooms. Bell work. Those and six other ideas for taming temper tantrums -- and other classroom disruptions -- are the focus of this Education World story! Included: An opportunity for all teachers to share the classroom management techniques that work for them!

  • Solving the Substitute Shortage, Part 1: Four Rules to Keep Your Best Subs Coming Back
    Between kindergarten and high school graduation, the average student will spend 187 days -- more than one full school year -- with substitute teachers. Learn what schools can do to guarantee the highest quality education possible in the absence of the permanent classroom teacher. Included: Four rules to help keep your best subs coming back and tips for recognizing the contributions of your school's substitutes!

  • Solving the Substitute Shortage, Part 2: Exploring Other Options
    Many school districts, coping with a serious shortage of substitute teachers, can no longer rely on the subs who simply show up and sign up. So schools have explored other options! Included: Information about a new substitute agency, a new substitute union, and a "sub camp" that bridges the gap for new subs.

Message Boards

Do you have an idea, resource or suggestion to share with other substitutes? Share it on a special Education World message board!

How have you coped with substitute issues? Help others learn from what you have done on our special message board!

From the Education World Archives:

  • Subs Send SOS: Internet Resources to the Rescue!
    Your students fire torpedoes; your ammunition is low. Because you're a "sub" -- a substitute teacher -- you assume command as captain of a vessel for only a short term. It's understandable that your crew may doubt your authority, may test you, may even speak of mutiny. Don't lock them up in the brig! Look to the Internet for the tools you need to lead your crew to calm waters. Smooth sailing lies ahead! Included: Tips for finding that full-time job and "life preservers to rescue sinking subs."
  • The Secret's in the Little Things: Simple Tips for Successful Teachers
    Here they are -- twelve quick tips to help make managing your classroom a breeze! Included are tips for getting to know your students, communicating with parents, getting your day of to a good start, and much more!
  • A "Survival Kit" for New Teachers
    A new resource, bulging with practical ideas for classroom use, would make a great welcome gift for your school's new teachers! Included: Ideas for building "teamwork" skills, motivating students, and creating reading response journals!
  • Speaking of Classroom Management: An Interview with Harry K. Wong
    Meet Harry K. Wong, the author of The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher, and learn the secret to your success in the classroom!
  • Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques
    According to Fred Jones' Positive Classroom Discipline, "The most widespread management technique at home and in the classroom is nag, nag, nag." It's also probably the least effective. Learn how to stop nagging and start teaching. Included: Twelve teacher-tested tips for behavior management!

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