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Teaching Resources
GRADE LEVEL: Professional

Full of activities any teacher would be excited to use, Laura Candler's Teaching Resources site is a wealth of information. The site was completely redesigned during the summer of 2009 and the content is now divided into four major sections. The first category, the virtual File Cabinet, is one of teachers' favorites. This area is full of printables from across the curriculum that are ready for immediate use. The Strategies section includes include ideas and research on Mastery Learning, Cooperative Learning, Literacy Strategies, and Classroom Management. She even includes SMART Board activities with a few "must-have" files. The third section, Laura's Books, consists of descriptions, previews, and purchasing and download directions for her eBooks. The last section, Workshops, describes the various workshops she has available in math and reading.

The site is easy to use for even the most novice of users. The pages have a consistent layout throughout the site, which helps make searching for content quick and easy. The colors, fonts and size, and layouts are easy to view and there's no need to search through pages of lists to find what you need. Updated regularly, Laura identifies the newly added materials. In addition, the Web site takes advantage of a search engine and site map to add to ease of use.

Laura is a 5th grade teacher, and it's clear she takes the time to think about the different abilities of students by differentiating her activities. Teachers will find lesson plans for advanced 2nd-4th graders up to high school students with special needs. She keeps her materials fun and attractive to students by using graphics and design elements that appeal to a wide range of abilities. This site is not merely a list of Web sites, but a wealth of usable materials. Laura has very generously compiled her own teaching materials for others to use. Many of her activities not only include the attractive student activity, but well-written teacher plans as well. Become a subscriber to Candler's Classroom Connections and/or a Facebook fan to receive updates and information about how to use the resources on the site. This site will definitely be at the top of all teachers resource list.