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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998

Idea Box

The Idea Box Web site provides users access to craft, recipe, and activity ideas for teachers, parents, and students.

The text is displayed with a large font. Most ideas are shown as bulleted lists.

Every page has the same navigation menu bar with links to each section of the site. With the exception of links to outside resources, users can move within the site quite easily.

Anyone who deals with young children will love this site. Based mostly on submissions, users will find complete games, songs, recipes, and game details for teachers, parents, or providers to use for lesson planning or daily activities. The site includes an "Idea of the Day" and "Idea of the Week." Other sections have news about updates to the site, seasonal activities for holidays and special occasions, and links to outside resources for online stories and printable pages. The message boards sections allow educators and other users to exchange ideas and ask questions. This is a great, growing resource for early childhood educators and parents of small children.