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Special Themes Center

A bushel of apple activity ideas for teaching all ages. Take your pick!

Back to School
Start the year on a positive note! Teacher-tested ideas for engaging students and parents from day one.

More Special Themes

You will find many popular teaching and issue themes listed on this page. For additional themes, be sure to check out our Holidays and Special Days archive page.

Best Web Sites for Educators
Education World reviews hundreds of Web sites of interest to teachers.

Black History
Lessons for teaching about the history and culture of African Americans.

Catch bugs on the World Wide Web! Creepy, crawly critters provide lessons in science, visual arts, health, and more.

This archive of articles examines the problem of bullying and how to stop it. Lesson ideas and more.

Children's Book Week
Celebrate National Children's Book Week with dozens of book-themed activities.

Civil War
Education World looks at the war that divided the nation and ultimately abolished slavery.

Classroom Management
More than a dozen articles from the Education World archives provide countless ideas for managing classrooms, providing rewards, more!

Community Service
Learn about service learning projects tied to the curriculum that others have completed.

Current Events
Making a case for teaching the news. Plus dozens of activities for bring newspapers to life.

Dealing With Death
Educators and psychologists who have helped students and teachers deal with death offer advice.

December Holidays
Join Education World in celebrating holiday cultural traditions from around the world during this festive season!

Dictionary Skills
Your students might not become walking thesauruses, but you can build vocabulary and dictionary skills with these lesson ideas.

Dino-mite lessons for Dinosaur Month (October) or any time of year. Few themes excite students as much as this one does.

Elections and Voting
Lesson plans, curriculum ideas to help students understand the election process.

End-of-Year Projects
Looking for ways to keep students engaged and learning through the last day of school? Here are some end-of-year projects that will help you do that.

Fourth of July & Freedom Documents
This week Education World looks at the documents that paved the road to freedom and democracy in America.

A world of resources to help you celebrate Geography Awareness Week all year long!

Green Schools
Ideas for making your school more environmentally-friendly and green projects for kids.

Five "spook-tacular" lessons to exercise students' reading, writing, and research skills!

Join Education World as we pay tribute to those individuals who inspire us by their great strength, courage, and perseverance in facing challenges!

One of the greatest impacts of World War II was the Holocaust. Education World looks at ways to teach students about this far-reaching event.

Is homework a dilemma for teachers, students, and parents at your school? Learn what others have done to find a solution to this dilemma.

Iditarod Turns Kids Brains to Mushing
Alaska's Iditarod sled dog race is set to begin, and Herb Brambley, Target's "Teacher on the Trail" will be there to share firsthand experiences with students and teachers. Don't miss out on this annual "teachable moment" from the "Land of the Midnight Sun."

Library Week
Celebrate National Library Week each April, during School Library Media Month.

March's Special Days
Resources for Women's History Month, Spring, the Iditarod, National Nutrition Month, Youth Art Month, and Music in Our Schools Month.

May's Special Days
The month of May is a time to get physically fit, compete in the National Spelling Bee, and honor special people: mothers, teachers, and the men and women who have fought for our country.

Native Americans
Explore Education World's resources on the history and culture of our country's original inhabitants.

Newspaper Activities
Making a case for teaching the news. Plus dozens of activities for bring newspapers to life.

New Teachers
Check out these Education World articles for practical tips on landing a job, managing a classroom, teaching engaging lessons, getting along with colleagues, and impressing parents and administrators.

Education World dives under the sea to provide lesson plans and great sites to teach about the ocean!

Parent Involvement
Learn about parent involvement strategies that are working for others -- and that could work for you!

Physical Fitness
Ideas for including sports and physical education in the curriculum and helping your students be physically fit!

Poetry Month
Education World editors have gathered poetry resources from our archive to help teachers everywhere celebrate National Poetry Month.

Reading Fun
If youre looking for unique or fun reading lessons or ideas, dont miss this special resource!

While some schools have cut recess, other experts argue that children need time during the day to play. Read a variety of recess strategies and perspectives.

September 11
Lessons to keep alive the spirit of patriotism and tolerance stimulated by the events of 9/11.

Service Learning
Learn about service learning projects tied to the curriculum that others have completed.

Join Education World in exploring space-related Web resources on topics that include planets, stars, and space travel!

Spelling Lessons
Spark student excitement about spelling with these lessons and spelling games that will have your students spelling up a s-t-o-r-m!

Substitute Teachers
Quick lesson plans and ideas, classroom management tips, plus ways an administrator can keep good substitutes coming back!

Education World "sizzles" with activities and lesson plans for summer!

Strategies for preparing students and teachers for high-stakes tests and ideas for interim assessments.

Resources to help school staff members keep violence out of their schools.

Education World erupts with ways to teach about volcanoes in the classroom!

Vocabulary Skills
Your students might not become walking thesauruses but you can build vocabulary and dictionary skills with these lesson ideas.

Women's History Month!
Lessons, activities, and resources to involve your students in the study of women's contributions to the world.