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Updated October 2009

Best Web Sites
For Educators


Education World editors have gathered links to hundreds of the best Web sites for teaching and learning. Here you will find several EW resources that offer site reviews grouped by subject area, teaching or technology topics, and other areas of interest to educators.

Site Review Archive
Since 1996, Education World has awarded our A and A+ rating to hundreds of Web sites. Explore our archive by year, or click one of the subjects/curriculum areas or education topics in the listing at the left of the Site Review Archive page. Each site is reviewed for content and design. In addition, our reviewers provide an overview of each site, highlighting areas of special interest to teachers and students.

Site Reviews

Education World publishes a dozen different newsletters for a wide range of educator interests. These free newsletters include our weekly Site Reviews Newsletter, which spotlights three sites of interest each week. Sign up today for this free newsletter or explore our complete list of newsletters to find one of interest to you.

Sites to See
Airplanes, Autumn, Folktales, Nutrition, Zoos...Click one of these A to Z topics to find from five to 50 sites that have been reviewed and approved for their value to educators. Find sites here that offer unique resources that are sure to engage and inform students. Many sites offer complete lessons or technology tools that will help you integrate technology into your classroom curriculum.

Larry Ferlazzo's Best...
A prolific blogger and dedicated technophile, Larry Ferlazzo has catalogued reviews of more sites than anyone else we know. The primary focus of this Education World feature is Ferlazzo's reviews of technology resources, but with so many excellent resources to choose from, you never know what treasures you might find. In addition, all Ferlazzo's sites are appropriate for English Language Learners.

Alma Rowe's Gadget of the Week
If there's a free online tech gadget that's of interest to educators, chances are Alma Rowe has tracked it down and reviewed it for Education World. Alma's overviews of dozens of unique tech gadgets focus on their classroom applications and fun uses. Students and teachers alike will love exploring and playing with these easy-to-use gadgets. Fascinate your students with your tech savviness by introducing some of these unique tools.

The Reading Machine
The Reading Machine provides links to 36 online games to help you teach and reinforce important reading skills, and to help your students practice and enhance those skills. Students can work individually, in pairs or small groups, or as an entire class to learn or review such topics include spelling, vocabulary, prefixes and suffixes, plurals, synonyms, comprehension, and more. These games make great "reward time" activities too.

The Math Machine
Here you will find links to more than 50 online games that will help you teach and reinforce important math skills. Search the list for games you might use with your entire class in your school's computer lab; or you might schedule students to use these games individually or in small groups on computers in your classroom computer center. The games make great "reward time" activities too.

The Science Machine In The Science Machine you will find links to three dozen online resources for teaching topics ranging from cell structure to pollination to matter. Each site offers hands-on and/or interactive activities that will help even the least science-savvy teacher present an engaging and informative lesson every week. Search the list for resources you might use with your whole class, as well as for those students can do on their own.