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June 29, 2001

Summer Sizzle!


This week Education World sizzles with activities and lesson plans for summer!

  • The Summer Solstice
    Summer is here! "Enlighten" your students with facts about the sun and "heat up" your classroom with fantastic books, lesson plans and activities that celebrate the summer.

  • Summer Fun and Learning
    Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. Internet educator Walter McKenzie selected this week's sites, which are among the best summer fun sites on the Web.

  • Hot Activities for Celebrating Summer!
    It's official -- summertime is here! The last days of school are a great time for reinforcing some summer safety rules and for looking ahead to some great summertime fun. This week's Education World lessons help you accomplish those things! Included: Activities connected to Tall Ships 2000, summer snacks and food safety, roller coasters, and more!