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Summer Fun Lesson Plans and Activities


Summer is here! "Enlighten" your students with facts about the sun and "heat up" your classroom with fantastic lesson plans and activities that celebrate summer. And don't miss the Summer Reading resources at the bottom of this page. You might find additional resources of value on Education World's special 4th of July page.

Summer Fun Lesson Ideas 

Take a Roller Coaster Ride
VaReane Heese, who teaches at Springfield Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska, submitted this lesson in which students design a roller coaster. They will learn about different types of coasters as they design their own and test it for success. (Grades 3-12)

Hot Activities for Celebrating Summer
The last days of school are a great time for reinforcing summer safety rules and for looking ahead to some great summertime fun. Included: Activities connected to summer snacks, food safety, roller coasters, more.

Crisscrossing the Country: Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages
Education World challenges students to sharpen their Internet searching skills as they learn about the history and landscape of the United States. These activities are suitable for classroom or computer lab use -- or for rainy day fun at home! Included: Scavenger hunts and a plan-a-trip activity.

What's "Bugging" You?
Mosquitoes got you down this summer? Ticks? Roaches? Now is a great time to challenge students to learn more about the fascinating world of bugs. Try some of these activities. And check out some great Internet sites too.

Teach Your Students to Be Sun Savvy
The summer sun offers teachers an important opportunity to talk about sun safety. Many Internet sites carry strong sun safety messages or offer teachers valuable lesson plans for teaching about the science of the sun.

A Month With No Holidays? Make Up Your Own!
Boring August with no holidays! Why not ask your students to invent their own holidays for August? Included: A lesson idea that is sure be spark kids' interest and creativity.

Great Sites for... Summer Fun and Learning
Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. Internet educator Walter McKenzie selected this week's sites, which are among the best summer fun sites on the Web.

Summer Reading

Summer Reading Lists Abound on the Web
Education World surveys some of the best children's summer reading lists on the Web. Here, you'll find an overview of great lists that you or your school's staff might use to create your own summer reading program. Included: Tips for parents plus ideas for publishing students' book reviews.

Summer Reading Lists By Grade Level
Thanks to our readers, we have gathered summer reading lists by grade. Plus ideas for summer projects to extend reading -- projects for kids to do with friends or on their own, and projects for families to do together.

Education World and barnesandnoble.com share with you fun activities for kids and families -- activities connected to some of the best recent children's books around. Check out Summer BOOK-TIVITIES! for summer projects that will entertain and educate.

More Resources for Summer Fun


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    Updated 04/15/2015