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Summer Fun and Learning: Resources

Each week, Education World's Great Sites for Teaching About ... page highlights Web sites to help educators work timely themes into their lessons. Internet educator Walter McKenzie selected this week's sites, which are among the best summer fun sites on the Web.


PBS Kids
PBS offers kids the opportunity to learn while they enjoy a variety of fun, interactive experiences. At this site, kids can get advice, create an interactive story, learn lots of fascinating facts about a number of topics, or choose from nearly four dozen games featuring characters from PBS shows.

Can there be a better place to go for fascinating learning activities than this aptly named site? We don't think so! Kids and adults will love these interactive games, including Math Baseball, Piano Player, Translator Alligator, Proton Don, Grammar Gorillas, and many more. This child-centered site offers a great way to keep learning alive during summer vacation!

CIA Kid's Page



Turn summer into an adventure with a visit to this official site, which delivers the goods on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The site provides fascinating information about the history of the agency and its role in world affairs as well as a discussion of the different types of intelligence the agency collects. The CIA World Factbook (click Intelligence Book List) -- an example of basic intelligence -- provides information about world geography, history, and population statistics. Even more fascinating, however, are the sections CIA Canine Corps and Aerial Photography Pigeons!

National Geographic Kids
Can there be a better way to spend a vacation than with the travel-savvy folks at National Geographic? This fabulous site provides opportunities for kids to haunt a castle, burrow with a prairie dog, prowl with a polar bear -- or stay home and create a tornado in a bottle. A Cartoon Factory and lots of fascinating facts and fun and games also are included.

The Exploratorium in San Francisco provides a site full of awesome online science activities, covering everything from optical illusions to the science of surfing and baseball. Explore offers both interactive activities, such as a Cow's Eye Dissection, and step-by-step instructions for fascinating hands-on activities. Children's curiosity will be piqued all summer long!

International Marine Educators, Inc. sponsors this site, full of summer safety tips and great learning activities. At this lively and visually appealing site, students will learn about personal flotation devices, distress signals, storm warnings, and many other aspects of boating safety. They can also see their names spelled out using nautical flags, watch animated tutorials on knot-tying, discover how to calculate the distance to the horizon and much more. This site can keep even the most ardent landlubber busy throughout the summer!

Walter McKenzie is a former classroom teacher, a consultant, and editor of the Innovative Teaching newsletter.

Walter McKenzie
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Updated 06/07/2013