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Lessons and Projects

The end of the school year can by a trying time for many teachers. These projects from Education World offer you a way out. Try these meaningful and fun activities.

Great End-of-Year Lessons -- Volume #3
You're tired, and you're eager to get through the last few days, but you feel guilty about showing videos or letting the kids play games. Education World offers five more end-of-year activities that will engage students, and maybe even include some new learning.

Making the Most of the Dreaded End-of-School Days
"No more pencils, no more books, no more..." Your students may already be chanting the traditional end-of-school cheer, but that doesn't mean that you have to succumb to the temptation to start summer early. Included: Links to dozens of ideas.

Wind Up Learning as the Year Winds Down: Activities for the Last Days of School
The last days of the school year are upon you. Do you emphasize fun, or do you attempt to squeeze in some last-minute learning? Ed World offers suggestions for keeping kids focused during the last hours of the year. Included: More than a dozen end-of-year ideas.

More Lesson Ideas for the Final Days

  • A 'Boring' Lesson in Geography
  • Invent Your Own Poetry Form: An End-of-the-Year Activity
  • Phone Book Math
  • Mystery States Game
  • It's Up for Debate
  • Math Fun -- Volume 1
  • Math Fun -- Volume 2
  • We've Got News for You (Activities for Teaching With the Newspaper)
  • Make the 'Write' Impression
  • More 'Write' Stuff
  • Ten Games for Classroom Fun
  • Don't Waste a Minute
  • Crisscrossing the Country: Scavenger Hunts for Kids of All Ages
  • Rock or Feather: A Critical-Thinking Activity
  • ABC Books Aren't for Babies
  • A Month With No Holidays? Make Up Your Own
  • Whiteboards Stimulate Student Learning
  • Summer Reading Lists Abound on the Web
  • Kids Learn About Differences from A Walk in Your Shoes
  • Student Essays Describe 'Perfect' School
  • Interest Grows in Checkbook Math Lessons
  • Wax Museum Biographies Teach and Entertain
  • Students Create a Virtual Tour of Their Community