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Grades 6-8

Welcome to Education World's Worksheet Library. In this section, we present ready-to-print student worksheets organized by grade level. Click on a grade level folder below to find worksheets that you can use with your students to build a variety of skills. All the worksheets in this library were provided to Education World by our partner Timesavers for Teachers

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Unique Yet Similar
This is a great September activity to do when students need to get to know one another. (Grades 6-8)

If I Could Teach
If students could teach the class, how would they make it more interesting, and what would they avoid doing?  (Grades 6-8)

Write a Paragraph
The title here says it all; students write a simple paragraph. (Grades 6-8)

Organize Ideas
Students brainstorm, plan and organize their main ideas before writing. (Grades 6-8)

Word Search
This is a classic educational game that kids and teachers love. (Grades 6-8)

My Future Job
Kids imagine what their work life will look like in the future, and then write about it. (Grades 6-8)

How to Spend $1 Million
Students think about how they would spend a $1 million prize. (Grades 6-8)

My Future at 30
Students dream about their future and their careers at the age of 30, describing them in detail.(Grades 6-8)


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