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Worksheet Library: School Express: Grades K-2

School Express: Worksheet Library

Find worksheets that you can use with your students to build a variety of skills. All the worksheets in this library were provided to Education World by our partners at School Express Worksheets.

Math - Horizontal Addition
Students practice their addition skills. (Grade K-2)

Math - Vertical Addition
Students practice their vertical additional skills. (Grade K-2)

Math - Vertical Subtraction
Students practice their vertical subtraction skills.Grade K-2)

Math - Bar Graphs
Students interpret the bar graphs. (Grade K-2)

Language Arts - Nouns
Students put nouns into different categories. (Grade K-2)

Language Arts - Plurals
Students identify the plural form of each word. (Grade K-2)

Language Arts - Action Verbs
Students identify the action verb. (Grade K-2)

Language Arts - Compound Words
Students find the compound word in this School Express Worksheet. (Grades K-2)

Phonics - Long Vowels
Students color and read words containing long vowels. (Grade K-2)

Phonics - Short Vowels
Students color those words that contain a short vowel "a' sound. (Grade K-2)

Phonics - Beginning Consonants
Students practice their beginning consonants skills. (Grades K-2)

Phonics - Ending Consonants
Students practice their ending consonants skils. (Grade K-2)

Writing - Pets
Students write about pets. (Grade K-2)

Writing - Story
Students write about their favorite story. (Grades K-2)

Students learn about classification. (Grade K-2)

Have fun matching with this School Express Worksheet. (Grades K-2)

Coloring -  Matching
Students color based on matching objects. (Grade K-2)

Coloring - Cat
Students color the picture in this School Express Worksheet. (Grade K-2)

Coloring - Mouse
Student color the mouse. (Grades K-2)

Coloring - Fun in the Sun
Have fun coloring with this School Express Worksheet. (Grade K-2)

Have fun navigating through the maze. (Grade K-2)

Have fun completing the sentences. (Grade K-2)

Students draw and color based on size in this School Express Worksheet. (Grades K-2)

Have fun recognizing shapes. (Grade K-2)

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