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Worksheet Library: JumpStart
Grades K-2


Welcome to Education World's Worksheet Library. In this section, we present elementary-level, ready-to-print student worksheets for grades K-2. All the worksheets in this library were provided to Education World by our partners at JumpStart. (To find worksheets for older grades, click on the Grade 3-5 folder.)




Science (School of Dragons)

Living and Non-Living Things
What is alive and what isn't?

Parts of a Plant
Quiz yourself on different parts of a plant's structure.

Scrambled Plant Parts
Can you put the plant parts in the correct place?

Needs of a Plant
Kids learn what plants need to survive.

Animal Homes
Teach students about various animal habitats.

My Body
Children learn basic anatomy.

Science Quiz
How much do you know?



Life Cycle of a Plant
Students draw different stages of the life cycle.

Planet Positions
Kids learn the order of the planets.



Telling Time
Help students learn to tell time.

Two-Digit Addition Without Regrouping
Practice two-digit vertical addition problems.

Count Dots
Count the dots and match to the correct numeral.

Count the Objects
Count each set of objects and write the number.

Count and Match
Count each set of objects and choose the matching numeral.

Greater Than/Less Than
Use '>' and '<' to solve the problems (numbers from 1-10).


English Language Arts

Tracing Capital Letters
Practice forming letter of the alphabet.

Find the Rhyme
Match the words that rhyme.

Sight Words (first grade)
Trace and write each word.