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Worksheet Library: Have Fun Teaching
Grades 3-5

Welcome to Education World's Worksheet Library. In this section, we present ready-to-print student worksheets organized by grade level. All the worksheets in this library were provided to Education World by our partner Have Fun Teaching


Language Arts

Language Arts - Synonyms Crossword Puzzle
This crossword puzzle is full of words that mean the same thing. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Antonyms
Show students words that mean the opposite of each other. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - The Suffix 'ed'
Students can have fun working with the "ed" suffix. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Fun With Nouns
Take a look at how we use nouns in the English language. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Irregular Verbs
These verbs are unique--find out why. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Homophones - Their
Study the difference betweeen "Their," "They're" and "There." (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Homophones - Its
Look at the difference between "Its" and "It's." (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Analogy Fun
Help students grasp the concept of an analogy. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Working With Adverbs
Have students identify the adverbs in this worksheet. (Grade 3-5)

Language Arts - Adjectives
With this worksheet, get students excited about adjectives. (Grade 3-5)



Math - Clock Telling Time
Students can practice telling time with this analog clock worksheet. (Grade 3-5)

Math - Great Graphing
Get a start in geometry with this basic graphing sheet. (Grade 3-5)

Math - Estimate Measuring
This sheet is a great way to teach measurement skills. (Grade 3-5)

Math - Fractions
Get students excited about fractions with this fun activity. (Grade 3-5)


Science - States of Water
Examine the different states of our planet's most abundant resource. (Grade 3-5)

Scrience - Solar System Vocabulary
Here's a sample of key words relating to our solar system. (Grade 3-5)

Science - Plant Vocabulary
Students work with a series of plant-related words. (Grade 3-5)

Science - Layers of the Earth
Take a look at the various geological layers that make up our planet. (Grade 3-5)

Science - Animal Classification
Learn how to classify animals properly with this worksheet. (Grade 3-5)

Social Studies

Social Studies - Map Skills
Introduce students to the basics of map reading. (Grade 3-5)



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