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Grades K-2

Welcome to Education World's Worksheet Library. In this section, we present ready-to-print student worksheets organized by grade level. All the worksheets in this library were provided to Education World by our partner



Math - Addition Scales
Use addition to balance the scales. (Grades K-2)

Math - Skip Counting by 5, 6 and 7
Skip counting gets even better the third time. (Grades K-2)

Math - Skip Counting by 2, 3 and 4
Get even more work in patterned counting. (Grades K-2)

Math - Skip Counting by 8, 9 and 10
Get some work in patterned counting. (Grades K-2)

Math - Winter Holiday Addition
Practice addition problems with a winter theme. (Grades K-2)

Math - Horizontal Addition
These addition problems are presented left-to-right. (Grades K-2)

Math - Horizontal Subtraction
These subtraction problems are presented left-to-right. (Grades K-2)

Math - Number Identification
Try to identify these numbers. (Grades K-2)

Math - Greater Than / Less Than
Learn about value with this great worksheet. (Grades K-2)

Math - Count and Trace
Have fun tracing the number and counting the objects. (Grades K-2)

Math - Counting Objects
There are a number of things on this sheet. Can you count them? (Grades K-2)


Language Arts

Language Arts - Word Completion
Finish the words using the letters provided. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Vowels
Identify the vowels in word sets. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Alpha Order 2
Practice alphabeical orderinng with this sheet. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Alpha Order 1
Get some work with alphabetical ordering. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Word Family
Use the letters provided to create words in the "...ail" family. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Trace "A" Words
Get accustomed to writing words with the letter "A" in them. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Trace The Letter "B"
Practice writing the letter "B." (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Tracing Circles
Practice drawing circles. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Animal Names
Fill in the blanks to spell various animal names. (Grades K-2)

Language Arts - Animal Match
Pair each animal with its name. (Grades K-2)


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