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Winter Art Lessons: Snow Paint

For a fun art lesson, why not inspire your students dress up a wintry scene? Creating and painting with snow paint is a great way to get the kids outdoors during the chilly winter months, and making your very own snow inspires creativity when the weather is chilly, but bare.

Using snow paint recipes created with kool-aid or watercolors is a great way to teach kids about primary and secondary colors, while creating classic snow paint is a fun sort of science experiment. No matter the weather, here are a number of fun ways to play with snow this winter:

1. Classic Snow Paint Recipe

This snow paint recipe comes from Scholastic, and is a way to create your own snow. It's a quick mix of equal parts white glue and shaving cream. Have your students create and cut shapes out of cardstock, such as snowflakes and snowmen, and spread the paint with a plastic spoon on the shapes. When it dries, it will dry puffy and snow-like.

2. Disney's "Frozen"-inspired snow paint

Courtesy of parenting blog, Paging Fun Mums, this snow paint recipe evokes the ethereal glamour of Disney's hit film, "Frozen", a big favorite with kids and adults alike. This recipe calls for shaving cream, blue food coloring, and a sprinkle of glitter. With this recipe, students can head outside and turn a stark white snow bank into a stunning masterpiece. Click here for all the sparkly details.

3. Kool-Aid Snow Paint

This version of snow paint is extremely simple, made only with Kool-Aid and water. The color is vibrant, it smells delicious, and it's lots of fun to use with a spray bottle. This paint is perfect for dressing up a snowman or snow angels. Visit educational parenting blog, Growing a Jeweled Rose, for the entire recipe.

4. Reverse Snow Paint: Paint Made with Snow

A little bit too chilly to play in the snow? Then it's time to play with the snow. This easy paint recipe is made with only snow and food coloring, or liquid watercolors. Kids will have fun gathering their own bowls of snow, and creating masterpieces with homemade paint. Courtesy of educational parenting blog, Growing A Jeweled Rose.

5. Create Your Own Snow

What do you do when there's no snow on the ground? Make your own snow! This recipe from Growing A Jeweled Rose walks you through a simple sparkle snow recipe, made with corn flour, shaving cream, Buffalo Snow Iridescent Flakes, and peppermint extract for some sweet scent. In the end, the snow product will feel like fluffy clouds, and you can make snow balls, snow men, and whatever else you can think of.

By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor