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Ten Fall Stories and Poems for the Classroom

Fall has officially arrived, and there is no better way to celebrate new season in the classroom than by sharing themed poems and stories. 

EducationWorld has curated a list of ten stories and poems teachers can use in their lesson plans to introduce fall to their students.

  1. Five Little Pumpkins: Teachers can bring this favorite song to the classroom. Students can make their own five little pumpkins, and learn about the use of quotation marks and dialogue in the song. At the end of the activity, students will have their own little pumpkins, each one making a statement, such as, "Oh my, it's getting late."
  2. Thanksgiving Story Bracelet: Students can make their own personalized Thanksgiving Day bracelet while listening to this story about the first Thanksgiving and friendship. The activity, provided by, integrates "fine motor skills, listening skills, color recognition, sequencing, and social science" in one activity. 
  3. The Three Apples: This story is about a large apple tree in an orchard waiting for people to pick his large, red-yellow apples. Soon everyone in the neighborhood comes and picks the tree's apples and they are mesmerized with how delicious and sweet they are. 
  4. The Goose Who Tried to Kill Summer: This is a story about a very stubborn wild goose who didn't want to go down south for the winter. This goose's decision to reject the change of the season, however, affects everyone in the village. 
  5. Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr: In this book, Amazon says, "Thanksgiving is only a day away. Can Turkey find a place to hide from the farmer searching for a plump bird for his feast? If the farmer doesn’t fall for his tricks, there’s only one think left to do . . . run, Turkey, run!"
  6. "Leafy" The Leaf that Wouldn't Leave: This YouTube video follows the story of a leaf who was too afraid to fall from the tree. 

  1. Fall: Children can sing this short song to the tune of "Are you Sleeping" at the beginning or end of their day, or before a lesson about fall:

"Leaves are falling

Leaves are falling

To the ground

Without a sound.

Days are getting shorter

Nights are growing longer

Fall is here. 

Fall is here."

  1. Handprint Apple Tree/ Poem: After making their own handprint apple trees, students can read or listen to this special poem about apples and hang next to their collection of trees. 

"Apples juicy, apples round

On the tree or on the ground. 

Apples yellow, apples red

Apple pie and juice and bread. 

Apples crunchy, apples sweet

Apples are so good to eat."

  1. Leaves by David Ezra Stein: Students can watch this animated story about a bear who goes through the seasons with leaves, starting with autumn. 

  1. Autumn is Here! A Young Readers Picture Book by Heidi Pross Gray: In this book, Amazon says, "Celebrate the coming of autumn with your child as you cuddle up and enjoy a sweet look at how the world changes along with the season. With beautiful watercolor illustrations and charming descriptions, you and your child will be wishing it was autumn year round!


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor