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2012 Summer Reading List: Fourth Grade

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Celebritrees: Historic & Famous Trees of the World
By Margi Preus

Profiles fourteen trees from around the world that are significant in history or legend, such as the Bodhi Tree under which Buddha gained enlightenment, reminding us that these fascinating trees bring us pleasure and tell us about history.

Panda Kindergarten

Panda Kindergarten
By Joanne Ryder

Simple text and enticing color photographs follow sixteen giant panda cubs as they eat, play, and nap during the day at the Wolong Nature Preserve in China.


The Graffiti Mystery
By Barbara Mitchelhill

Getting in a few scrapes himself, Supersleuth Damian uses his smarts to solve the mystery of who has been painting graffiti on the walls of the boys’ bathroom and the principal’s car.

History of the Meadowlands

Meadowlands: A Wetlands Survival Story
By Thomas Yezerski

A history of New Jersey’s Meadowlands, which have been recovering from decades of human destruction and are now mending thanks to community activism.

Abe Lincoln At Last

Abe Lincoln at Last!
By Mary Pope Osborne

The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie to Washington D.C. in the 1860s where they meet Abraham Lincoln and collect a feather that will help break a magic spell.

Harry Houdini?

Who Was Harry Houdini?
By Tui Sutherland

Harry Houdini, the most famous escape artist of all time, is the subject of this interesting and accessible biography which includes explanations of some of his illusions.

Crust and Spray

Crust & Spray: Gross Stuff in Your Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
By C.S. Larsen

Prepare to be both grossed out and educated by the wacky descriptions and graphic close up pictures of the fluids and ooze generated by the human body.

Birthday Ball

The Birthday Ball
By Lois Lowrey

Princess Patricia Priscilla is not looking forward to her birthday when she has to choose a suitor, so she switches places with her chambermaid so she can attend school with the commoners.

This list was compiled from sources including The Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network and The Parkway (MO) Summer Reading List Committee.

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