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Lesson Plan: Plants  (Math - Grade 2)

dandelion plants lesson

Subject:  Math

Grade: 2

Lesson Objective: To estimate and then measure the height of different plants

Common Core StandardCCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.A.3- Estimate lengths using units of inches, feet, centimeters, and meters.




  • What does it mean to estimate?  (Allow the students to answer.)



  • Estimating is when you find or guess an answer that is close to the right answer.  Estimating is usually done without solving or measuring.  Instead, you use what you know about the problem to figure out an answer that is close.
  • For example, if I was given the problem 14 + 20, I would estimate that the answer is 35.  I would do this because I know that 14 is close to 15 and it is easy to add 15 and 20 together to get 35.
  • You can estimate the answer to addition and subtraction problems.  You can also estimate time, height and length.
  • To estimate height or length, you look at the object that you want to measure to see how long or tall it is.  You should then look at the unit of measure that you are using.  It could be feet, inches, meters or centimeters.  You then think about how big each of those units of measure are. 
  • For example, if you are estimating the length of a spoon in inches, you would think about how big an inch is.  Then, you would look at the spoon and estimate that it is about 5 inches.  After you estimate, you can measure using a ruler to see how close you were.
  • You are now going to be estimating the height of two different plants.  Remember to look at the unit of measure and then estimate how tall you think they will be.  When you are done, we will go over all of the answers.
  • Does anyone have any questions?



  • Who would like to share your answers?  (Allow the students to share.)

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Written by Kimberly Greacen, Education World® Contributing Writer

Kimberly is an educator with extensive experience in curriculum writing and developing instructional materials to align with Common Core State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

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