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Lesson Plan: Harvest

  Photo by Nick Fewings

Subject:  Social Studies

Grade: 3

Lesson Objective: To learn about and compare harvesting in pre-industrial times to harvesting now and how it has changed peoples’ lives

Standard: NCSS: VIII. Science, Technology, & Society Social: a. identify and describe examples in which science and technology have changed the lives of people, such as in homemaking, childcare, work, transportation, and communication




  • Do you think it is important for people to have inventions in their lives that make things easier for them?  Why or why not?  (Allow the students to answer.)



  • There have been many inventions that people have made to make things easier.  Can you think of an invention that you use that makes your life easier?  (Allow the students to answer.)
  • Learning about how things were in the past and how they have changed is important, which is why we learn about history.
  • Today, we are going to be talking about how harvesting food has changed.  We already read about how Pa and Uncle Henry harvested oats.  We are going to be learning about how people harvest crops like oats and wheat now.
  • There are crops like oats and wheat that can be harvested using tools and there are also crops like fruits and vegetables that need to be picked.  Do you think that harvesting fruits and vegetables has changed from the times of Little House in the Big Woods and now?  Why or why not?  (Allow the students to answer.)
  • Harvesting fruits and vegetables has not changed very much because those fruits and vegetables need to be picked by hand to make sure that they do not get harmed.
  • You are going to read about how crops were harvested over a hundred years ago and how crops are harvested now.  You are then going to answer questions about what you have read.
  • Does anyone have any questions?



  • Who would like to share your answers?  (Allow the students to share)

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Written by Kimberly Greacen, Education World® Contributing Writer

Kimberly is an educator with extensive experience in curriculum writing and developing instructional materials to align with Common Core State Standards and Bloom's Taxonomy.

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