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Internet Safety Lesson Plan: Computer Science—Grade 4

Subject: Computer Science

Grade: 4

Lesson Objective: Introduce students to the importance of internet safety and how to make good choices while online.

Common Core Standard:


Integrate information from two texts on the same topic in order to write or speak about the subject knowledgeably. 


  • Whiteboard or poster paper
  • Graphic organizer for note-taking for each student
  • Writing utensil for each student
  • Two articles or informational sheets on internet safety for kids (you may also choose to use a textbook section) .  Here are two websites to consider:

Note: The materials you choose are a great opportunity to differentiate your instruction in this lesson. You can adjust the reading level to ensure it is appropriate for the group of students you are working with in each class.


Begin the class with a discussion around the internet. Have students describe how they spend their time online - do they play games with other kids? Do they surf the web? Do they have social media accounts? Try to get a comprehensive idea of all of the ways students in your class use the internet.


Say: “We’re going to talk about internet safety, and how we can keep ourselves and our friends safe online.”

Hand out copies of the graphic organizer for each student.

Read article one. You may choose to go around the room and have students read sections. Support students in taking notes as you go and when you are finished. You may write the notes on the board so that students can copy down what the class discusses.

Read the second article. Again, discuss as a class as you read it, and take notes on the graphic organizer.

Small Groups: Split students into five small groups. Ask each group to come up with three rules for internet safety based on the information they have just read. Each group should assign a recorder to write down their rules. Let each group know that as they come up with a rule, they should talk with their group-mates about why that rule is important.

Whole-Class: Bring students back together. Using the rules on their lists, create a classroom list of internet safety rules. Ask the first group to share a rule they think is important. Discuss why they feel that way, and have students use evidence from the text to back up each rule. Then, ask the second group to share a rule that is not already on the list. Continue this until all of the groups have shared all of their rules. 


You can gauge students' understanding of the lesson by using an exit ticket, either in written or verbal form. Ask your students to respond to the prompt, “Why is it important to be safe on the internet?” Ask students to use one piece of evidence from each of the two texts to back up their answers.


Have students work in pairs to create internet safety posters that can be hung up around their school. They could also be asked to present these posters either to their own classmates or to a younger grade in order to teach what they’ve learned.


Written by John Jones

Education World Contributor

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