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Seven Scarecrow Activities for Fall

Now that fall is in full swing, teachers can bring the joy of the season into their classroom.

One important symbol of fall is the scarecrow, and EducationWorld has curated a list of seven scarecrow-themed games, activities, and videos.

  1. Scarecrow Cookies: Bring some large sugar cookies to class and have students frost them with white frosting. Then, with sugar wafers, licorice, candy corn, and chocolate chips, students can create their own smiling scarecrows to snack on. 
  2. Six Crows by Leo Lionni: Read this book out loud to students before participating in a craft. Amazon says, "While a farmer tends his field of wheat, six hungry crows watch and wait in a nearby tree. When the wheat ripens, the farmer builds a scarecrow to frighten them off, but these ingenious crows are not so easily scared."
  3. Scarecrow Tag: With at least six players, kids can play this fun version of freeze tag while acting like scarecrows. One person will be the tagger, and students must run around to avoid being tagged. If they are, they must spread their arms and legs wide and remain frozen until another classmate crawls under their legs. 
  4. Make a Scarecrow: With this printable, students can cut out their own scarecrow, color him in, and attach the limbs together with brass fasteners. 
  5. Scarecrow Poem: Read this fun poem out loud to students while participating in a craft or before a lesson. The poem describes what a scarecrow wears, such as a hat, a torn shirt, and his job as a scarecrow. 
  6. The Adventures of Top Hat Crow by Saundra Greensfelder: According to Amazon, this is a story where a young crow gets in a little bit of mischief: "Top Hat Crow loves yellow corn, but when he decides to disobey his parents and take some corn from the farmer's field, he gets into a bit of mischief. Will Top Hat learn from his mistakes and remember to always obey his parents?"
  7. The Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow: Provided by unknown YouTube users, these two videos show when Dorothy first meets Scarecrow, who is hung on a pole in the middle of a corn field. Dorothy helps him down, and then joins him in an entertaining and fun song:


Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor