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National Bird Day: Eight Resources for Teachers

January 5 is National Bird Day, and Education World has gathered a list of eight lesson plans and resources teachers can use to educate their students on birds across the globe. 

National Bird Day is an annual holiday where bird lovers can celebrate through bird watching, studying birds, and other activities. With these resources, teachers are able to successfully celebrate and teach their students about these lovable creatures. 

  1. The Birds Around Us: In this lesson plan, students will be able to understand what makes birds unique creatures through photos, PowerPoint slides, sounds, and more. 
  2. Bird Watching: This site will guide teachers and students through the process of bird watching. The website also offers proper food and habitat procedures to lure birds in to watch them. 
  3. Winter Bird Food: With this activity, students will be able to make Winter Food Cakes for birds to eat. 
  4. A Bluebird Quest: After this activity, students will be able to find out:
  • Why bluebirds are in trouble
  • What bluebirds need to survive
  • How bluebirds raise their babies
  • How you can help the bluebird
  1. Dinner? Its for the Birds!: In this activity, students will learn how to make bird feeders, and which foods certain birds can eat to help them through the winter. 
  2. Birds: With this SMART Notebook Lesson, teachers will be able to educate students on everything they need to know about birds. 
  3. Bird Crafts and Learning Activities for Children: In this activity students will make paper plate birds resting in a nest. 
  4. Where Do Our Birds Go In Winter?: This site provides a chart of where North American migrating land birds travel to escape the winter chill. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor