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Spring to Life!

From tadpoles to frogs, from poetry to pesticides, Education World provides lessons about the issue -- and issues -- of spring. Included: Five interdisciplinary activities for group lessons or independent exploration.


On a sunny day
a warm breeze knocks the windows
and says, "Spring is here."

--a springtime haiku from The Creative Writing for Teens Publishing Center

As spring blossoms into summer and, outside your window, new life continues to emerge, an overabundance of energy is probably evident inside your classroom as well. Every day , you face a gaggle of restless students longing to be free! You can't let them out (yet!), but you can turn that youthful energy into renewed creativity with springtime activities from Education World.

A brief description of each activity appears below. Click any headline for a complete teaching resource!



  • Spring Fun provides an extensive list of resources for springtime activities for kids. The site includes links to facts and information, puzzles and games, arts and crafts, lessons and projects, and more.
  • Spring Theme Ideas
    ABCTeach offers a number of ideas for spring lessons and activities. The site also includes a Butterfly Center, which provides a number of helpful printable work sheets.
  • Spring's Journey North
    Students follow spring's progress across the Northern Hemisphere as they watch for signs of the season and track the migration of a variety of birds, butterflies, and whales.
  • Recycle for the Birds
    Environmental Education for Kids provides directions for recycling an empty plastic container into a birdfeeder.


Updated: 03/03/2015