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Leaping Lizards!
Dinosaur Activities on the Web


Too much to do? Too little time? Education World's quick-tivities create instant teachable moments to take advantage of your students' fascination with dinosaurs. Included: Printable and interactive activities that students can do online and off, in or out of class!

Today's quick-tivities -- arranged in approximate order of difficulty -- are all about dinosaurs.


Turn printable outlines into dinosaur Paper Finger Puppets or Dinosaur Finger Puppets.

Complete all the activities in one of the Web-based book activities at Dino-Mania. Or just do one quick activity:

  • Complete an Interactive Dinosaur Crossword puzzle about ancient elephants.
  • Print and solve a Dino Word Search or a Dino Hidden Message word search.
  • Print and solve an easy Dinosaur Crossword puzzle.
  • Match the dinosaurs to their names in two quick interactive quizzes, Dinosaur Test #1 and Dinosaur Test #2.
  • Go scavenging in a Dino Hunt.

Learn to draw dinosaurs with one or more of the following online lessons:

  • Draw a Dinosaur
  • Learn to Draw a Dinosaur Step By Step
  • Collect boxes big and small and challenge students to Build a Box-O-Saurus. (Scroll way down the page for this activity.)

    Find the fossils in the First Dinosaur Embryos Found With Fossilized Skin at the American Museum of Natural History's interactive exhibit.

    Visit the Field Museum and exploreSue: The Inside Story, which tells about the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever discovered. Then click Just for Kids and try one of these dinosaur activities.

    • Download and print the images to create a Triceratops flipbook.
    • Download, print, and solve a Prehistoric Word Search.
    • Download, print, and solve Sue and Its Preparation Crossword.
    • Download, print, and solve a Sue Word Search.
    • Download and print REX-CROSS. Then find the words that complete the X and S puzzles and unscramble the letters to discover a mystery word.
    • Print and solve a Prehistoric Crossword Puzzle.

    Learn how geologists are helping solve the mystery of Dinosaur Extinction with a hands-on geology activity.


    Find more Paleontology Lesson Plans on the Educator's Reference Desk Web site.

    Don't miss Education World's Dinosaur Fun archive.

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    Originally published 05/19/2000
    Last updated 06/01/2010