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Six Activities for Fire Prevention Month

October is Fire Prevention Month and EducationWorld is here to help teachers find ways, other than drills, to teach fire safety in the classroom.

What is Fire Prevention Month? Fire Prevention Month looks at the history of the Great Chicago Fire, which happened on October 9, 1871. Every year, people around the country do what they can to spread awareness on fire safety, whether it is indoors or outdoors. 

Introduce Fire Prevention Month through a number of fun games and activities that will interest them to encourage their family and friends about fire safety as well. Here is a list of six recommended games, videos, and books to use in the classroom during Fire Prevention Month. 

  1. Fire Awareness Song: Provided by ABC Teach, guide students through the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" with the "Fire Awareness Song." With lyrics starting as, "When there's a fire there, I can be prepared," the song teaches students what they should do if there is a fire in their home, or in a room that they are in. 
  2. Fire Safety Video: Take some time to watch this video by National Fire Protection Association that follows Rosalie and her friend SteveSongs as they teach students what to do when they hear a smoke alarm. 


  1. Fire Safety Video with Recess Monkey: Take time out of the day to watch this video provided by the National Fire Prevention Association following Recess Monkey and the gang as they learn about fire safety. 


  1. Fire Reading Activity: This activity by TeacherVision gives students the opportunity to increase their reading ability by building skills in drawing logical conclusions. Students read a story about two boys who are playing with matches, continuously catching things on fire. The second time, the firefighters need to come and help put the fire out. Students are then asked to respond to the question: "What do you think Matt, Ty, and Aaron learned?"
  2. Fire Maze: Provided by TeacherVision, with the activity Fire Maze, students help firefighters find water to put out the fire. The object of the activity is to get through the maze and to avoid dangerous objects, such as a lit cigarette, matches, and more. 
  3. Stop Drop and Roll (A Book About Fire Safety) by Margery Cuyler: Invite the class to follow Jessica as she learns about fire safety measures, and has a chance to use them in an emergency. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor