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Kindergarten Sight Words: Zoom


What better way to learn sight words than through a fun game! Students will love collecting cards, stealing them from others, and discovering who has the biggest pile at the end of the game!

Sight Words Included in the Lesson:

he, was, that, she, on, they, but, at, with, all


  • reading
  • writing
  • turn-taking
  • counting


To play Zoom:

For follow-up activities:


  • Make two copies of the Dolch Primer Sight Words Flashcards. Cardstock is ideal but regular paper can also be used. Cut out the flashcards.
  • Create five additional, blank flashcards.
  • On each blank flashcard, use a marker to print the word, “Zoom.”
  • Place all the flashcards in a pile and shuffle the deck.
  • Print the Sight Words Reading Practice page and the Sight Words Spelling Practice booklet for the follow-up activities.


At least two students are needed to play the game, “Zoom.” Additional students can be added but a small group works best. This ensures that each student gets multiple opportunities to read the sight words. The teacher can act as the card dealer. The game works well at a u-shaped table where the teacher can easily reach each student but can be played on the carpet as well. 

The teacher places the first card, face up, in front of the first student. The student reads the sight word on the card. If he has difficulty, the teacher can offer support. The teacher continues dealing one card to each student, who read the word on their cards. As the rounds continue, each student develops a small pile of cards in front of him. 

The game changes when a student receives a card that says, “Zoom.” After reading the card, he gets to take all the other players’ cards and add them to his own pile.

The game continues with students reading their sight words or stealing each other’s cards if they receive a “Zoom” card. Once the teacher has dealt all the cards, students count their piles to see who wins. 

If you’re playing another round, you may decide that the winner is dealt their card first during the next game.


You may wish to make additional flashcards and write each student’s name on them. Add these cards to the deck. Students love to see their names and their classmates’ names come up on the cards! If you are adding more cards, you may also wish to add more “Zoom” cards.  


Use the Sight Words Reading Practice page to provide students with more opportunities to learn the sight words used in “Zoom.” This activity will reinforce reading the sight words that students are working with.

You can also use the Sight Words Spelling Practice booklet to provide students with opportunities to practice writing the sight words, alone and in sentences. Pairing reading and writing activities will support students’ recall of the sight words. 

These sight words worksheets can be used to provide your students with more opportunities to read, write, and recognize their sight words. At the end, they can solve the puzzle to find the secret word!

Free printable version of Kindergarten Sight Words: Zoom lesson - Courtesy of