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Is That Copy Right?

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Directions: What do you know about copyright law? Use the information you find at the Web site listed below to complete the sentences on this page. Read each sentence. Circle the phrase that best completes each sentence.

Web Resource: 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

  1. Copyright law protects
    1. ____ all written creative works.
    2. ____ all original thoughts and ideas.
    3. ____ only creative works that have copyright symbols.

  2. Copyright law protects the rights of
    1. ___ the U.S. government.
    2. ___ the authors of creative works.
    3. ___ manufacturers of copying machines.

  3. Copyright law refers to the right to decide
    1. ___ how a creative work is used.
    2. ___ who uses a creative work.
    3. ___ what a creative work is.

  4. Copyrighted works can be copied only
    1. ___ if they are posted online.
    2. ___ with the author's permission.
    3. ___ if the author is dead.

  5. Fair use means that copyrighted work can be used without permission
    1. ___ for certain educational purposes.
    2. ___ if the author doesn't know it's being used.
    3. ___ if no money is charged for copies of the work.

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