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Tour Yellowstone National Park

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Directions: Established as a national park on March 1, 1872, Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. What do you know about Yellowstone National Park? Use the information at the Web site below to find the word or words missing from the sentences on this page. Write the correct word or words on the blank in each sentence.

Web Resources:


  1. Eruptions of the __________________________________ can reach 200 feet in the air.


  2. The Firehole River and the Gibbon River join to form the __________________________________ near Madison Meadows.


  3. At the __________________________________, mud boils and bubbles and shoots into the air.


  4. __________________________________, the fastest animals in Yellowstone, can run at speeds up to 70 miles an hour and jump up to 20 feet.


  5. The Yellowstone __________________________________ is a cavern beneath Earth's crust that is the source of heat for all Yellowstone's thermal features.




If you're looking for more of a challenge, go to the National Park Service Web site. Click View All Parks A-Z, and then click on a park to visit. Create a quiz about that park and challenge a classmate to take your quiz.

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