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Directions: What do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Use the information you find at the Web site provided below to answer the questions on this page. Read each question. Make an X on the line before the correct answer.

Web Resource:
The History Place Presents Abraham Lincoln

  1. When was Abraham Lincoln born?

    ___February 12, 1890 ___February 12, 1809 ___February 22, 1900

  2. How many U.S. presidents were there before Lincoln?

    ___5 ___15 ___25

  3. Who was Lincoln's opponent in the U.S. Senate race?

    ___Stephen A. Douglas ___Robert E. Lee ___George B. McClellan

  4. What document freed all slaves living in Confederate states?

    ___Gettysburg Address ___Emancipation Proclamation ___Dred Scott Decision

  5. In what year was Lincoln elected president of the United States?

___1830 ___1850 ___1860

If you're looking for more of a challenge, use the information in the time line to write a brief biography of Lincoln.

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