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Democracy in Your Hometown

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Directions: What do you know about people who make big decisions for a community? Explore the Web site provided below. Then read each statement and answer each question based on the information on the Web site. Three possible answers appear below each question. Circle the correct answer.

Web Resource: Hometown U.S.A

  1. Commuters are discussing how to spend the local transportation budget. Who will decide whether to spend the money on more buses or on better roads?

    police chief governor city council

  2. A school is looking for a new principal. Who is responsible for finding and hiring the person who will do the best job?

    PTA school board mayor

  3. Local environmentalists say a factory is polluting a stream. The mayor says the water is clean enough to swim in. Who decides whether the water is clean?

    local government federal government state government

  4. A woman in Hometown U.S.A. wants to start a bakery in her kitchen. Who makes the final decision about whether she can operate a business in her home?

    neighbors zoning board city council

  5. A former resident has donated 5 acres of land to hometown U.S.A. Who will finally decide whether a baseball diamond or a nature park is built on the land?

    city council recreation department board of education

Additional challenge: Describe the responsibilities of each elected official in your town!

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