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Scavenger Hunt: "Who Said It First?" Worksheet

Who Said It First?

Word origins are an intersting part of vocabulary. This worksheet links with a website to help students identify where common words orginated from.

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Directions: What do you know about languages other than English? Search the Web site provided to find the original language for each of the words below. Draw a line from each word in Column One to the language the word came from in Column Two.

Web Resource: Say Hello to the World



Column One

  • dungaree


  • karate


  • algebra


  • kindergarten


  • tuna


  • yogurt


  • tea


  • amen


Column Two

  • Arabic


  • Chinese


  • Turkish


  • Hebrew


  • Japanese


  • Spanish


  • Hindi


  • German


If you're looking for a greater challenge, look up the English words in the dictionary and write their definitions!

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Answer Key: Who Said It First?

  1. dungaree -- Hindi
  2. karate -- Japanese
  3. algebra - Arabic
  4. kindergarten -- German
  5. tuna -- Spanish
  6. yogurt -- Turkish
  7. tea -- Chinese
  8. amen -- Hebrew