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Scavenger Hunt: "Going Buggy" Worksheet

Going Buggy?

Encourage an understanding of insects in the world around us. This worksheet links with a website that will help kids to identify common bugs and their parts.
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Directions: What do you know about insects? Use information from the Web site provided below to answer the questions on this page. Write your answers on the lines.

Web Resource: BugBios


  1. What does a butterfly use its proboscis for?



  2. What is the name for a beetle's hardened forewings?



  3. What characteristic of grasshoppers makes them good jumpers?



  4. Which members of the arthropod orders are not insects?



  5. Insects called walking sticks possess "foliage mimicking defensive strategies." What is the more common term for that characteristic?



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Answer Key: Going Buggy?

  1. A butterfly uses its proboscis to remove nectar from flowers.
  2. Beetles' hardened forewings are called elytra.
  3. Grasshoppers have large hind legs for jumping.
  4. Spiders belong to the arthropod order, but they are not insects.
  5. "Foliage mimicking defensive strategies" is camouflage.